PT.Zeus Prima Garda ( a leading Indonesia company specialized on Surge Lightning Protection. As a natural phenomenon, lightning can caused a serious consequences such as death of the people and farm animals, the destruction of equipment: telephone lines or transformers connected to the electrical distribution network, electrical meters, household appliances etc.

In order to provide the optimum level of protection, the company has developed a protection plan, incorporating the direct strike protection, grounding and surge protection for power line, telecomunnication equipment PABX SCADA, control system PLC, computer & data lines and others importance electronics equipment.

Zeus Prima Garda manufactures the Surge Lightning Protection System equipment backup with many years research on Lightning Protection System in the tropical and sub-tropical area. The company expert consists of researchers of ITB Institute of Technolgy Bandung in West Java Indonesia, as the centre of excellence and the centre of lightning research in Indonesia, The institute is facilitated with Lightning Research Station in Mount Tangkuban Perahu 2030m above sea-level, where many Indonesian and foreign researchers had implemented various joint lightning research.

Lightning can hit everywhere around the globe. In the area which has a highest thunderstormdays in the world, lightning will have the highest density and intensity especially in  the countries such as : Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei, Vietnam, Thailand and others. The availability of proper Lightning Protection and Surge Protection System are important to protect humanbeing, building and infrastructure including the equipment inside the building against direct and or indirect lightning impulse.


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