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ZEUS Product & Services on Surge - Lightning  Protection  &  Cathodic Protection .

  • Consultancy on SLPS Surge & Lightning Protection System.
  • Consultancy on Corossion & Cathodic Protection.
  • Surveying, Designing the SLPS Surge & Lightning Protection System & Cathodic Protection.
  • Auditing the existing SLPS Surge Lightning Protection & Cathodic Protection.
  • Manufacturing of Surge Arrestors for Electrical Line, Telecommunications, PABX, VSAT Satellite Dish, Control System DCS- PLC and others.
  • Manufacturing the External Lightning Protection,Grounding System & ThermoWelding Devices.
  • Installing the SLPS Surge Suppressor & Lightning Protector.
  • Installing the Cathodic Protection System.
  • Conduct Training on SLPS Surge & Lightning Protection System & Cathodic Protection.

ZEUS Lightning Protection,Surge Arrester / Surge Suppressor, Grounding Products

  • External Protection: ESE Early Streamer Emission & Electrostatic Air Terminal
  • Down conductor cable.
  • Grounding : grounding bar, earth clamp
  • Thermowelding equipment and appliances.
  • Internal Protection : Surge Arrester for: electrical line, telecommunication, control system, computer & data, RJ 45 arrester, RJ45 PoE Arrester and others.
  • Lightning Storm Detector & Lightning Recorder.

Zeus Prima Garda booth at Indonesia Electrical Exhibition 2011 - Kemayoran Jakarta

Zeus Product Services on Lightning Protection:

- Manufacturing of External Lightning Terminal:  ESE Early Streamer Emission ( CVT)

- Manufacturing of External Lightning Terminal:  System Electrostatic

- Manufacturing of Grounding System, Bonding & Thermowelding

- Auditing the Existing External - Internal Surge Lightning Protection System.

- Maintenance SLPS Surge & Lightning Protection System.( Proteksi Petir )

- Renovation of SLPS Surge * Lightning Protection and Grounding System.

- Supplying the Lightning Detector for Golf Course, Airport, Military area etc.

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Jakarta-12790 Indonesia

Phone:+62-21-798.8443 dan +62-811.996.9810

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