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Detektor Petir - Handheld Lightning & Storm Detector


Detektor Petir Thunderbolt Utility, dapat mendeteksi petir dalam radius 75 miles. Sangat penting digunakan untuk melengkapi Proteksi Petir atau penangkal petir terpasang.  Detektor Petir dan sistem Proteksi Petir keduanya akan saling melengkapi dan memberikan Safety yang lebih tinggi bagi linkungan yang menggunakan. seperti ; Lapangan Golf ( golf Course), pemain golf, sarana militer, Airport Lapangan Terbang / Bandar Udara, Pertambangan Minyak dan gas, Pertambangan Batubara , Perusahaan Listrik seperti PLN dan lainnya.  Perlu disadari bahwa Tiang Proteksi petir yang dipasang tidak dapat mem-proteksi 100%  dari sambaran langsung,  sehingga untuk memperkecil risiko akibat petir maka disarankan untuk melengkapi diri dengan Alat Detektor Petir.

ThunderBolt Storm Detector is Storm Safety Technology to carry with you anywhere. Thunderstorms and deadly lightning can suddenly come out of nowhere, catching people off guard and unprepared. Sooner or later, everyone who works or plays outdoors will get caught in this predicament.  Fact is, when you hear thunder, you are already in range of a lightning strike. With ThunderBolt Utility, you will be warned to take shelter long before you are in danger!  ThunderBolt is a self-contained device that gathers data independently of any other weather source.

Product Features

  • High Grade Durable Plastic
  • Fully Gasketed (water-resistant)
  • 75-mile Storm Detection Range
  • Real-Time Storm Detection Independent of Any Other Weather Source
  • Calculates Approach Speed, Storm Range, Estimated Time of Arrival, and Estimated Time for Storm to Clear
  • User-Selectable Alarm Settings


Three Types of Warning: Text Screen

Audible Warning, Flashing LED Light

Automatic noise analysis and filtering. 

Low Battery indicator screen & Auto off feature (for units left on battery for 2 hours)

3 user selectable alarm range settings

1 automatic alarm range (8 mile range or Storm is Local)

Size 6.4" X 3.4" X 1.5"    Weight 14 oz.

3 Months  Manufacturer Warranty

220v A/C Adapter  (no charger) & 9v Battery

            The Thunderbolt Handheld Detector detects and tracks the motion of storm cells by detecting the lightning activity within the cell. The unit is capable of detecting multiple storm cells within its  75-mile operating range and is also capable of identifying squall lines and severe storms. Once in basic Storm Scanning mode, the ThunderBolt warns of any detected thunderstorm activity using text message displayed on the LCD. Depending on the exact type of weather situation being detected, the information is displayed using a series of two line messages on the LCD screen.


PT.Zeus Prima Garda is the Indonesia Official Distributor 
of ThunderBolt International Inc. Tampa FL,USA

PT. Zeus Prima Garda

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Jakarta-12790 Indonesia

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